Placenta Specialist Consultation


The placenta is called by some the "Forgotten Chakra" and has long been seen as a signifcant part of birth and your baby's journey. Like many matters during pregnancy and birth, placenta tending has many details that are best sorted before the immedicay of your baby's arrival. 

I offer a 60 to 90-minute consultation to support you to plan for taking care of the placenta in a way that supports you, your family, and your birth process, and that important details around your "after birth" are not missed.

How I can help you

Understand your choices for incorporating your placenta care & cord cutting into your birth plan

Birth Plan

Design a placenta ceremony that meets the needs of your family

Planting Ceremony

Placenta Medicine

Get information about using your placenta as medicine


Get information about

  • Half-Lotus & Full-Lotus

  • Delayed Cord Cutting

  • Hospital Request Formalities

  • What to Expect

  • History of Placenta Care & Ceremonial Understanding

  • Options for Using Your Placenta As Medicine

  • Placenta Encpsulation & Other Preparations

  • Placenta Art

  • Placenta Planting

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