Placenta Services

The placenta has been your the connection between you and your baby for the time of their growth in the womb. Many consider the placenta to be powerful medicine and source of vitality for both you and your baby.

The placenta is an organ that you grew to nourish your baby, but the nourishment can continue after birth. They are perfect medicine to nourish mother and help her body have a speedy recovery and transition post-birth. 

Among many cultures, the placenta is known to biological, energetic, and spiritual medicine and nourishment, and it is prepared for consumption by the mother to aid her body in recovery from child birth.

I tend all placentas with utmost care, love, attention, and prayer.

Fresh beautiful placenta on an altar of flowers

Placenta Services Can Include

  • Assistance in Half-Lotus & Full-Lotus care

  • Placenta encapsulation (raw or TCM)

  • Raw placenta cubes

  • Placenta tincture

  • Placenta smoothie (delivered to you within 24 hours)

  • Placenta prints & cord keepsakes

Placenta and umbilical cord traditional chinese method

The details


Once you have filled out the intake form, and your placenta services are scheduled, I will be on call 24/7 for two weeks prior to and after your due date. Once I receive notice that you've delivered, I will begin to process your placenta within 24 hours. While you're recovering from birth, beginning to bond with your baby, and resting, I will take good care of your placenta.


The preparation of your placenta is a 2-day process. The first day, I will prepare it for drying (including making a shake or tincture if desired), and beginning to dehydrate the placenta. The second day, I will return to complete the encapsulation process. 

You can choose for me to process your placenta in your home, or in my own facilities. If you are having a home birth but you prefer to have the preparation in our facilities, we will be happy to pick up your placenta, and deliver the preparations to your home. If you and your baby are recovering in the hospital or Birthing Center, and you would like a home preparation, I am happy to encapsulate our placenta in your home as long as someone you trust is there with me. 

Your Responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to keep your placenta fresh. It can be at room temperature up to 4 hours after the birth, but then should be kept cool.

Notify me after the birth to make arrangements for me to pick up the placenta, or come to your home to take care of it. Failure to do so could cause complications such as delay in processing or spoilage of the placenta which would make it unusable for medicine.

For Hosptial/ Birthing Center Births:

It is your responsibility to notify your birth team of wanting to release your placenta to me, and to ensure proper labeling and storage of the placenta. Your placenta should not be treated with formalin, alcohol, or any other preservative. Please notify the nurses of your placenta release upon arrival at the time of labor. 

If it is going to be more than 48 hours before the placenta can be prepared, it should be frozen. 

It should be possible to claim your placenta after Caesarean birth.

Delayed Cord Cutting:

If you are planing some form of delayed cord cutting beyond the 3-4 hour window, I can still prepare your placenta if certain measures are taken to preserve it while it is attached to your baby. Please contact me for more information.

Circumstances that Prevent Placenta Consumption:

There are circumstances under which your placenta may not be used as medicine. These include sign of infection or significant abnormalitie that cause your placenta to need to be sent to Pathology for examination. If any of these circumstaces arise, we will discuss it together before proceeding.

Let's Take The Next Step Together

If you're clear that you're wanting to book Placenta Services for your birth, fill out the Placenta Services Intake Form, and I will be in touch in the next few days to connect. 

Ready to go?


Placenta Encapsulation (includes Placenta Capsules, complimentary Placenta Tincture, Placenta Print and Cord Keepsake) - $350

Raw Placenta Preparation Only (includes Raw Placenta shake delivered in 24 hours, complimentary Placenta Print & Cord Keepsake) - $250

Placenta Shake delivery within 24 hours in addition to Placenta Encapsulation (applies if delivery is necessary) - $75

Travel fee may apply for folks outside the Asheville area.